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University of Adelaide Library

University of Adelaide Library

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University of Adelaide Library


Niina Marni! (Hello, are you well?)

Here on Kaurna Country at the University of Adelaide Library we are gearing up for making a difference by fundraising for a cause that's close to the University Library's heart.

Wednesday September 1st is Indigenous Literacy Day, and this year the library is reaching out for your support on behalf of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF).

Why is it important?

Many remote communities don’t have many, if any, books. Most of the remote communities that the Indigenous Literacy Foundation work with report there are fewer than five (5) books in family homes.

With the help of the Indigenous Literacy Foundations many programs, including ‘Book Supply’, quality books are gifted to organisations operating in remote communities and your donation will support books reaching these communities where they are needed most.

Just think, $30 buys three (3) books to go to a child in a remote community!

Reading opens doors to a world of opportunities and learning, and books are the keys that open those doors.

Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Ngaityalya (thankyou) for your support!


Fundraising Image: Yaitya Ngutupira (detail)

Artist: Mai-Sie Crawford-Owers

Description:  Digital print, 2018 (detail)

The artwork is a visual representation of a collection of Indigenous Knowledges. The piece depicts Aboriginal message sticks, traditionally used as an ancient form of communication in order to pass on knowledge between groups.



Mai-Sie is a Barkindji woman from Far West NSW, with a growing passion for contemporary Aboriginal art and graphic design. Mai-Sie’s art is a visual representation of her journey of learning and furthering her knowledge of Aboriginal culture and traditions. 


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Activity Summary

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Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Being able to read opens so many doors. But in very remote Indigenous communities, books are all too scarce and literacy levels are much lower than anywhere else in Australia. Our purpose is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books - with a focus on early literacy and first language - but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories. 
Please visit our website for more information about our programs.


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